About us

Winch, a leading company in the area of analysis, skills development and consultancy services for the health market, creates training and educational articulated programs focused on the professional evolution of the Life Science operators.

Since 1983 Winch has helped to interpret changes in a market where education is an absolute value. Authority and completeness of our training offer are guaranteed by a scientific board, capable to respond to the training needs which are imposed by the daily challenges that Life Science professionals have to face.

Training Team

Winch Training team is adequately prepared through a shared coding system of observed behaviours: our Trainers are able to provide an objective and standardized evaluation of communication performance, combined with an objective measurement of individual skills. Winch trainers, all native Italian language speakers, have achieved professional experience mostly in pharmaceutical companies as well as in other multinational contexts, developing:

Specific preparation about communication and negotiation techniques

Knowledge of target audiences
(GPS and specialists, Kol and payors)

Strong background on all the therapeutic areas and pharma/MD markets.

walter allievi

davide bacchiddu

emanuela belloni

leonardo bonfiglio

stefania ciani

giovanni battista colombo

daniele de cillis

michele fanello

antonella libio

maddalena maganza

nicola mancini

massimo ulivi

alfredo zambonini

Walter Allievi

Senior Consultant Winch.
Trainer, coach and business consultant in Communication, Leadership, Negotiation and Sales techniques.
After graduating in political economics at Bocconi University in Milan, he took a Master in Experiential Education at the Society of Communications Experience.
NLP Trainer certified by the NLP Society of Richard Bandler (License n° 116959). In training area he has managed projects for important national and international companies of pharmaceutical industry. When creating and delivering courses and seminars he uses multimedia techniques such as films, pictures, recordings, video-shoots and exercises, tests and games, depending on classroom needs and proposed themes.

Davive Bacchiddu

Senior Consultant Winch.
Trainer and expert consultant in Sales, Communication, Negotiation, Marketing, and Planning of organizational processes. Graduated in Politics, with an essay about Game Theory, Negotiation and Strategic Interaction, he’s also a Master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, certified by Richard Bandler, and a personal coach in Business management (more than 500 hours of individual coaching in 5 years). He studied topics related to Strategic Problem Solving at the Centro di Terapia Strategica institute in Arezzo (directed by Giorgio Nardone and affiliated to the mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, CA). He held prestigious roles in the Marketing and Sales areas of Italian, Japanese, American and European pharmaceutical multinationals. An enthusiast of Japanese communication, strategy and management techniques, he brings to the classroom his experience as an actor and theatre director.

Emanuela Belloni

Senior Consultant Winch.
Graduated in Business Administration, with an EPR Master in Communication and Relations, she has been a Corporate consultant and trainer for more than ten years and has gained a significant classroom experience (more than 10,000 hours of training provided) in diversified territorial and business contexts.
Consultant for training schools and higher education academies, she collaborates actively with national and international companies in pharma industry delivering courses and giving consultancy about marketing, sales techniques, sales network development and managerial updating.
She has a consolidated experience in the pharmaceutical area about implementing FF’s communication and negotiation strategies.

Leonardo Bonfiglio

Senior Consultant Winch.
Graduated in Pharmaceutical Technologies and Chemistry, he begins his activity in Roche S.p.A. where he undertakes a career that leads him to the role of Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.
In these positions he has followed the development and training of Product Managers, Area Managers and Sales reps.
He has worked on a wide range of product portfolio from different therapeutic areas, at all the stages of the life cycle (from the launch to the mature product), dealing with both the hospital market and the retail channel, with a deep knowledge and strong background of several Health Care Professional profiles (Specialists, gps, hospital pharmacists and wholesalers).

Stefania Ciani

Senior Consultant Winch.
Since ten years she is actively doing coaching and courses on project management.
She has a background as a journalist, teacher in business and digital communication, licensed NLP Trainer™ and licensed NLP Coach™, recognized by the Society of NLP and by The International Association for generative Change.
She has collaborated with public and private companies of different sizes and structures, Professional Orders, Hospitals, Universities, Sport teams.
Among the companies for which she has developed and provided training courses in Italy, there are banking group BPM, General Electric, Confindustria Toscana and Florence, Publiacqua Spa, IEI (Italian Beauty Institute) Srl, Menarini Srl, Opera Laboratori fiorentini Spa, Laboratorio terapeutico MR, Sorgenia Spa. She is also co-editor of the book “Marketing coaching” (Franco Angeli 2013) and editor of the book “Team coaching in the company” (Phasar 2009).

Giovanni Battista Colombo

Senior Consultant Winch.
Currently a freelance, he is a teacher and consultant in Life Science area.
Lecturer at the Ludes of Lugano in “Company management” and “Health Economics”, former Managing Director of Zambon Italia S.p.A. and coordinator of the Countries in the Mediterranean area, he has an extensive and consolidated experience in Marketing, Sales and Regulatory areas of pharmaceutical industry.

Daniele de Cillis

Senior Consultant Winch.
Graduated in Pharmaceutical Technologies and Chemistry, he began his professional career at the beginning of 2001 as a Sale rep, working both with gps and hospital specialists, and managing different products in the CV, gastroenterological and urological therapeutic areas.
In 2006 he was recruited as Field Force Trainer in Boehringer Ingelheim and he managed the whole specialty area (cardiology, neurology, HIV) shadowing sales reps all over the country.
In 2008 he was appointed Training Manager and assumed the responsibility for the entire Training Group. In this role he developed and implemented various educational initiatives in communication and organizational areas, starting up educational programs in Communication Development, Public speaking, Emotional Sale, Project management, Competitor Assessment, Market Access.

Michele Fanello

Senior Consultant Winch.
Graduated in Chemistry, he has a robust experience in the pharmaceutical area. Former Director of Training and Marketing & Sales Services, he’s been the General Manager of a fully dedicated structure for the production of programs targeted to ETMS management in the pharmaceutical field, and consultant for the design and implementation of technological projects, System integration and CRM for all the Life Science areas.
He currently is a consultant and teacher to the Top and middle management of pharma companies in the following areas: Leadership, Organization, Team building, Communication, Public speaking, Marketing, Sales Force effectiveness, e-health, Problem solving & Decision Making, Time & Stress Management, Performance Evaluation, Assessment Projects. Expert in innovative training methods and technologies, CME, e-learning and management consulting aimed at public structures for the change management in the clinical governance.

Antonella Libio

Senior Consultant Winch.
Graduated in Politics, she has gained an extensive experience at multinational companies in the field of ethical pharmaceuticals, starting from the scientific information to gps to subsequent responsibilities in the Marketing area, from the Product Manager role up to the Marketing Manager role, with numerous experiences of national and international launches, in close collaboration with the corporate Global Marketing, coordinating the Southern Europe Region.
She has also got considerable experience in the commercial area as Sales Manager.

Maddalena Maganza

Senior Consultant Winch.
Graduated in Pharmacy, she developed her career in the pharmaceutical sector and in different roles, dealing mainly in the medical direction with responsibility in monitoring phase 2 studies and drafting RCT protocols.
Currently a freelance, she carries out training activities, with particular experience in the technical-communication areas and in the field force assessment projects (primary and specialty care).

Nicola Manici

Senior Consultant Winch.
Graduated in Pharmacy, he has many years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, covering lots of roles in the multinational companies, starting from the sale rep, up to AM, PM, Marketing Manager and Training Manager.
As free professional he is capable to design and provide training activities with particular focus on human resources management and external and internal communication processes.
Auditor for AGENAS for the certification of CME training providers, he has consolidated his expertise in the models and methodologies design of residential and online training courses, with a specific competence in creating Internet ELearning tools, using the most recent digital innovations.

Massimo Ulivi

Senior Consultant Winch.
He has a consolidated experience in the pharmaceutical sector, as sales rep, AM, Trainer. In addition to the skills of a hospital Specialist, having covered the role of KAM-RHM, he has also dealt with the provision of communication techniques to the national Field Force and with the implementation – inside the Italian subsidiary – of the training courses delivered by the European headquarters.
In particular he has managed training activities on the topics of the Compliance Communication policies (for all the company roles that have the duty to interact with external interlocutors), of Sales Force effectiveness for AM and sales reps (organization of the interview, communication process, performance evaluation systems) and courses in group interview techniques at hospital specialists level.

Alfredo Zambonini

Senior Consultant Winch.
He boasts an in-depth knowledge of the pharma and biotech national and multinational Companies, with particular reference to the Marketing and Market Access areas. He has developed solid scientific, educational and business skills, helping to develop the business of the companies where he has worked, which include start-ups and established organizations such as Roche, SmithKline Beecham, Dompé, Amgen and Celgene.
In particular, he has operated in the Market Access functions ( actively doing regional/local access for launching products and ensuring patients access to the cure), Marketing Strategy and Operations (collecting and analysing customer insights, managing market dynamics and achieving brand leadership), Commercial Excellence (optimization of SME, Planning), Coaching.

Management Team

Andrea Soldani

Paolo Frigoli

Andrea Soldani

Winch CEO
For over 20 years he has been working in the Health Care & Life Science sector, first as CEO of a communication agency, then as a Managing Partner of Winch.
He is a trainer, a coach and a consultant and he has been responsible for the international development of Winch training activities.
He is also the human resource Director of a leading wholesaler player in drugs distribution and the national coordinator of a private network of community pharmacies.

Paolo Frigoli

Winch COO
Since 18 years in the field of Health Care & Life Science as Organizational consultant for the development and management of Human Resources, specialized in individual and team coaching, assessment and development career paths, currently he is a Managing Partner of Winch, covering the role of Head of the organizational structure.
He coordinates for the Clients all the training projects – placing at their disposal both traditional methods and e-learning and experiential training tools.

Our Professionals

Barbara Benazzi

Annalisa Gulisano

Silvia Rongo

Michela Berra

Barbara Benazzi

Winch Professional
For over 20 years she has worked in Winch to define, coordinate and optimize the economic, fiscal and financial governance of the company.
She provides guidelines for the improvement of the organization and coordinates the company and group policies and processes in the areas of administration, financial analysis, reporting and budgeting.
She deals with the preparation of financial statements, ensuring the correctness, completeness and transparency of all the economics and administrative dynamics of the Company.
She manages relations with banks, credit institutions and external Audits.
Knowledge of business processes, together with strong motivation and a sense of belonging to the company, allow her to see in perspective the best solutions to achieve the objectives.

Annalisa Gulisano

Winch Professional
Degree in Political Science with Master in Labor Consulting and Human resources Management, she is HR Training Consultant for the Health Care & Life Science sector.
She coordinates the project from the analysis of training needs to the follow-up, defining together with the Team the contents and the methodology in line with the Client needs and the expected results.
She supports the performance management processes and the corporate development plans, in accordance with the company guidelines. She is passionate about new technologies applied to training, and in 2017 she completed the university course in Digital Media Management.
Lateral thinking and a good dose of enthusiasm to face the most important challenges are the hallmarks of Annalisa.

Silvia Rongo

Winch Professional
Degree in Education Sciences with specialization in Training Process Expert, in Winch she is responsible as Project Manager of the CME Training projects, she follows the clients in the organization and management of Medical-Scientific events, in collaboration with the internal Scientific Committee and in accordance with the Age.na.s. rules.
She is also in charge of the organizing secretariat of the other Winch incentives/events.

Michela Berra

Winch Professional
With a degree in Pharmacy and masters in pharmacoepidemiology and in scientific communication, she enters IMS Health (now IQVIA) developing a start-up project in close contact with the Institutions (Ministry of Health, Aifa, Regions, local Healthcare and National trusts) and gaining in-depth knowledge of all the aspects related to the devolution of the NHS, of the dynamics of the pharmaceutical spending at national, regional and local level, as well as of the drugs launch’s pharmacoeconomic implication both at regulatory and pharmacoeconomic level.
The last position held in IMS Health, before devoting herself to consultancy, was in the role of Practice Principal of the Pricing & Reimbursement area, with an offering dedicated in finding the right P&R, place in therapy and value-based product definition, with respect to the regulatory dossier submission and to the market access at national and regional level. As a consultant, she carries out training activities and qualitative research projects aimed at understanding the payer’s perception on products in later phase of development, the unmet clinical needs for therapeutic areas, the value-based approaches and the scenarios that can be envisaged for the best positioning and access of medicines. In Winch she is the scientific and projects development senior advisor coordinator.