your job effectiveness.

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of our customers’ workflows. To do this, we actively engage all company functions through a highly differentiated offering based on the expressed needs.

What we are qualified to provide:

  • Role and Potential Assessment
  • Experiential paths in different therapeutic areas within hospitals; re-enactment of patient’s journey and clinical case narratives; interactive panel expert workshop.
  • Team building
  • Models for developing skills and behavioural attitudes
  • Account management projects
  • Projects and tools to support HR departments, talent labs
  • Focus group, advisory board, Kol’s / payers perception quality research, stakeholder behavioural simulation, medical writing

A circular and highly engaging model, unique in Life Science context.


Winch’s priority commitment is to provide training and coaching activities in Health, Wellness and Pharmaceutical areas.

We have so far implemented our programs for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies in “Ethical” area
  • Pharmaceutical companies in OTC, Wellness and Cosmetic areas
  • Physicians and Pharmacists Associations
  • Wholesalers
  • Scientific associations and foundations
  • National Trusts, Hospitals and local health units


Winch is capable to offer a complete range of training and consultancy programs also because of its important and strategic partnerships with leading players in the market.

I nostri partners


Sanitanova's mission is to merge governance, learning and management capabilities in order to provide integrated answers to the customer needs, by supporting the client in managing the quick evolution of healthcare environment, thanks to the application of innovative clinical governance models and disease management paths.


Established in 2015 as an innovative start-up created by a group of young psychologists, Laborplay was approved in the same year as a spin-off of the University of Florence and therefore included in the University Incubator (IUF). Laborplay revolutionizes the paradigm of job skills and transforms the gaming experiences into training and transversal skills which are useful to develop a job profile.

Lateral Learning

Lateral Learning is a company specialized in science communication and training. Their mission is to optimize the understanding and learning of complex content by creating innovative visual-perceptive tools and delivering them in different ways: training manuals, multimedia courses and interactive applications.


ISO Certification

Since 28.11.2003, thanks to a careful and effective policy of validation of our training performances, Winch has gained the European quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (CERT. SQ031500), Sector EA 37 – 35, for the following services/processes/products:

Design and delivery of training events, also in the context of continuing medical education</span (ecm); Design and implementation of consulting services and activities for the development and growth of human resources and business sectors.

For our customers and
partners this means:

Safety of paths and processes that lead to the provision of training and educational activities;

Validation of the skills and capacities of Winch professional trainers;

Constant updating of proposed content and teaching methods.


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