Human Potential & Performance Evaluation

Assessment Center

Development Center

Business Case

Tailored analysis and detection of individual skills for Sales Reps and AMs, MSLs, KAMs and RAMs networks. This mapping is aimed at building further development career paths inside the company and implies:

  • Role Assessment
  • Potential Assessment

"Real World" Experiences



Virtual Preceptorship

Experiential paths within hospitals, National trusts, university teaching hospitals in different therapeutic areas in order to have the opportunity to closely understand the workloads and the organizational aspects of disease management, PDTA and care management, to rebuild the patient journey and listen to clinical cases narratives and discussions, and eventually be inside an interactive panel expert workshop

Action Training

Team Building


Experiential Learning

Team Building - Activation process to transform a group of colleagues into a cohesive, task oriented and strong identity team.

Incentive - Fun / creative experiences to share company values and strategies.

Experiential Learning - Experimentation of situations, tasks, roles in which the group, as a protagonist, puts in stake its own resources.

Competences & Behavioural Modelling

Empowering Selling Skills

One to Many

Hiring Model

Coaching Model

Empower Selling Skills - Communication model to support the winning interview.

One to Many - Effective communication model to support the group interview.

Hiring Model - Model the recruiting and selection of the staff.

Coaching Model - Model for the transferability of coaching skills.

Account Management

Business Analysis

Cross Functional Team Work

Project Management

Creative Problem Solving

Business Analysis - Application of techniques to analyse problems and identify business needs.

Cross Functional Team Work - Combine transversal skills to intercept the most effective solution.

Project Management - project management methodologies, tools, project life cycle analysis, planning, design and evaluation.

Creative Problem Solving - Development of mindset to be a “lateral thinker”!

HR Support

Interactive Dashboard

Roles and Retraining

Key Competences

Talent Lab

Roll-Out E-Training

Interactive Dashboard - Development of a dashboard to guide all internal growth processes.

Impact on Roles and Retraining - Setting up a single training model, tailored to the specific needs of each involved role.

Development of Key Competences - Sharing individual growth pathways on roles and skills.

Talent Lab - Setting up a process to identify and to develop talents inside the company.

Roll-Out E-Training - Roll-Out and-training - Guide and monitor all the activated paths with a general and individual grid.

Product Potential & Performance Evaluation

Focus group

Advisory board

Kol’s/payers perception quality research

Stakeholder behavioural simulation

Medical writing

Focus on product analysis through servicing aimed at determining the best positioning and access to the market during the launch phase and in the post marketing phase, so to explore spaces and opportunities in the therapeutic paradigm during all the product life cycle.